what are you drinking tonight for teh fightzz?!

I'm drinking some four in hand ipa beer Phone Post

wine. and a few beers

Merlot. Phone Post

This fight might make me switch to my Tullamore Dew in the freezer. Phone Post

might get some premium now Phone Post

Newcastle Brown Ale and Jack Daniels n Coke. Phone Post

Grapefruit and Vodka....

(Brewery) variety:

(Spring House) Big Gruesome, (Ithaca) Flower Power, (Red Hook) Winter Hook, (Shipyard) Imperial Porter.

Waiting at home: (Lancaster Brewing Co.) Baltic Porter Phone Post

some sour diesel

I normally drink when the fights are on because I think it calms my nerves down...

Tonight I didn't drink and the fights were a lot better. I think I'll stick to this.

Had a nice dinner while it was on though.