what are you GIFTING yourself this year?

I hope to find a good deal on some new furniture for the LUXURY townhouse Living area.

Am apartment Phone Post 3.0

GnP Sonnen - Am apartment Phone Post 3.0
An* Phone Post 3.0

I think I would like to replace my well worn discount furniture store sectional couch/recliner chair with a well designed day bed at a fair price.


I got these.  Love em

Some shoes and a new UofMichigan hoodie. Prob get a sound bar for my TV too Phone Post 3.0

An escort Phone Post 3.0

This may be the year I finally buy a flatscreen tv for myself. Phone Post 3.0

BBC_Fighting - 


I got these.  Love em

New Years Resolution: this time I'm listening to karasu and time to hit the pavement instead the weights and transform from a HuskyFat into a lean and athletic smart looking physique which can looks equally handsome in both a slim fitting suit and casual sport pants.

baked in BC - An escort Phone Post 3.0
Was gonna say Xbone, but maybe.... Phone Post 3.0

On my Xmas list Word.

Thinking about a titanium fat bike. Phone Post 3.0

Golf clubs. Phone Post 3.0

H&K USP .40        (or .45, gah, can't decide)

A cruise. Phone Post 3.0

Panthers shoot glass and concert tickets Phone Post 3.0

I got myself a parker buckbuster crossbow. It is badass! Phone Post

Just bought two leather couches and a recliner. I was way over due.

Thinking about an Altofsky meat cleaver next.

Ps4, already have an Xbox 1. Phone Post 3.0

Thinking maybe a spiderco paramilitary 2 for a nice folder since all of altofsky's work seems to be non foldable madness... Though I gotta say his blue paper steel work is insane Phone Post 3.0