What are you grilling/BBQing etc this weekend?!?

Kind of a washout here in NY as it’s raining like a mofo. Still having people over and I’m gonna do dogs, burgers and chicken on the grill. Also have two huge London broils from Costco that I spiced last night and ready to go on the grill.

Last but not least I have three racks of ribs that people usually fight over when I make them. Two are spiced with the usual suspects (garlic/onion/salt/pepper/paprika) but also have my secret ingredient; smoked ghost chili flakes.

The single rack has been rubbed with honey and spices which is still a bit spicy but has a sweet kick. They went into the over this morning at 8am at 225.

So what are you fagoons making in celebration of the greatest country in the world this weekend?


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Nothing? Kinda gay, but ok.



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Yup, same here. I have a canopy I can extend from the house to cover me and the grill so most likely do that.

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Tuna steaks tonight, probably lamb kebobs tomorrow, unless costco is out of leg of lamb, again.

Bunch of not having leg of lamb the last time I went faggots.

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Made nacho dip and in the process of making jalapeño poppers for the neighborhood party tonight.

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My neighbor is gonna grill some octopus. He said he’s never tried it before but he’s marinating it in oil, lemon and a few other things. Interested to see how that turns out.

Love me some poppers.

Last year I picked some fresh jalapeño and habeneros out of my garden and made poppers for a BBQ I had around the end of summer. Those fuckers were amazing!

Brisket and sausage

Tuna steak sounds fucking terrible.

octopus is delicious

Well it’s a good thing you aren’t invited.

I just got through smoking some pot and making a spicy ponzu using peppers from my garden. I know how you feel about the devil’s lettuce.

A Sweetwater IPA is in my glass and the tuna will be seared within the next half hour.

I hope you have a wonderful evening.

Agreed. I absolute love pulpo salad.

Whatever it is will be spectacular.

It’s going to be raining here but I have a covered patio to protect the smoker. I’m smoking a brisket, two racks of ribs, a whole chicken, and some sausage. Also going to grill some burgers, dogs, and chicken legs for the kids that come. The women are making all the usual sides.

Thanks UTD! I took my boy to a fireworks show and then we went catfishing. Had a great night!

Hope you had a great night being a criminal and eating gross stuff! :joy:

I’ll make brisket tomorrow. It will be my first attempt at brisket.

Various Korean BBQ.

First attempt. This had a bunch of cuts in it prior to taking it out of the bag. The rub is salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and a brisket rub.

I am going to spray it once an hour with apple juice, lemon juice, and water. After 6 hours or so I am going to wrap it and finish it at 225 until it reaches an ideal temp before a 2 hour rest. I am going to rub Wagyu beef tallow on it and inject it prior to wrap. I will use some butter as well. It should be good. Hopefully lol