What are you guys doing today? June 4

Rise n shine, OG

I woke up drunk, and intend to stay that way.

Headed to the lake. Water will probably be to cold to get in but I am bouncing back from surgery so 

I couldn't get in anyways.

Outside all day - lawn work, weeding, mulching....only taking breaks to sip beer and take herb hits in the garage.

I love the fucking summer. Phone Post 3.0

Working now. Then my sons baseball game, then pictures for baseball, then bringing road sodas to baseball family appreciation night. Phone Post 3.0

Working the whole weekend.....my gawd I want to fuck something......preferably female,and petite for a change.

Core Phone Post 3.0

Entering my first BJJ tournament in both Gi and No-Gi at 32 years old. Get some Phone Post 3.0

esque - BJJ tournament. So mostly waiting. Phone Post 3.0
Nice, where at? Phone Post 3.0

Ran two kettlebell classes this morning.
Watching some horse racing (Derby Day in the UK) while playing dinosaurs with my 3 year old.
All while desperately hoping to actually see some sunshine today Phone Post 3.0

In the morning breakfast with my kid. Later tonight ufc 199 Phone Post 3.0

Shitty movie and the fight later Phone Post 3.0

I'm going to a weird fucking place run by hipppies and full of ICP type white trash to go swimming.  Taking my kids.


The line between a hippie and a white trash grimey tweaker is suprisingly small.


I will take pics if I don't get stabbed.

Going to sleep...just finished night 4 of 5 straight 12 hour shifts.

Been getting our teeth kicked in with business....but good thing is people are getting another chance at life.

Gonna wake up about 3 and play some fallout 4 then do it again.... Phone Post 3.0

Taking a CPR class to prep for getting my EMT certification Phone Post 3.0

Finishing a refret on a 1959 Stratocaster.

Getting paid.

Slept in about to head to long Beach to watch world's for a couple hours then off to ufc 199. Good day today. Phone Post 3.0

Gonna go get a haircut and then head to the local breweries 1 year anniversary party. After that, probably watch some Copa and then some UFC. Enjoy your day people!!! Phone Post 3.0

Unfortunately not much.  Supposed to be 100 here in Portland this weekend but I did something to my ribs/back about two weeks ago and they still aren't right, hurts to just sit around.  Great weekend to be doing something though!

Went for a run this morning, now I'm watching "the nightmare before christmas" with my daughter while also watching my pregnant wife struggle with her morning sickness. Will probably do some shopping later.... Phone Post 3.0

Lying around naked in front of a fan High as fuck. Phone Post 3.0