What are you guys doing today? March 1st

Mornin' Phone Post 3.0

Taking a beer and fish shit right now. Phone Post 3.0

About to go coach at a grappling tournament

Working wishing I was twerkin Phone Post 3.0

just sitting here being bored. I go back to work in a couple weeks so for the last month I have been working on moving my wake up time to closer to the time I have to wake up for work. I know from experience that trying to go from waking up at 11am to waking up at 4am in a day or two sucks ass.

Got up at 4:30 today, my first day back is march 19th so am doing pretty good.

It's 3:47 a.m. and I'm getting ready for work... Phone Post 3.0

What's the point I tell u about my BBQ, but you never care. Phone Post 3.0

4am - noon - work

130 - 230 - drinking at a bar with friends

3 - 630ish - tailgating

7 - ??? - Blackhawks vs Bruins at Soldier Field

Helping out with a quiz bowl tournament at my old high school. Mizzou game. Then prepping for the ice storm that's about to hit this weekend. Phone Post 3.0

Heading to the gym and hoping it's not overrun by meatheads. Side note, I'm in Columbus and it's the Arnold weekend. Phone Post 3.0

Get off work at 10, go home and sex up the GF, then gotta go to my nephews birthday party, then drink and sex up the GF more. Phone Post 3.0

Dirty Dick Slater - About to go coach at a grappling tournament
Good luck coach! Phone Post 3.0

BJJ training this morning and catching some college hoops this afternoon on a patio with some beers. Phone Post 3.0

Working 7am - 7pm Phone Post 3.0

Helping with the High Mountain Judo Tournament. An all day affair.

RIP John Pyle, our head Sensei. He died two nights ago of cancer. He was 70+ and the highest ranking judoka in the state of Idaho. The tournament won't be the same without him. Hell of a guy. He will be sorely missed.

Teaching bjj then to a bjj seminar.

Going to see my buddy fight his first ammy mma fight Phone Post 3.0

Just woke up, it's 8am here. Going to smoke a little reefer, hit the weights for an hour or so, then change the oil in my car in this cold ass weather, go do my taxes in the afternoon, pick up my daughter around 4 and spend the rest of the weekend with her. Maybe take her to this Art Gallery show here.

Ahhh. The good life. Phone Post 3.0

BROTHER WISDOM - 4am - noon - work

130 - 230 - drinking at a bar with friends

3 - 630ish - tailgating

7 - ??? - Blackhawks vs Bruins at Soldier Field
I hear blackhawks bruins and instantly think nhl. What are you going to? Blackhawks playing someone else?

Bruins play capitals in boston 1 p today. Phone Post 3.0

Might tile a bathroom floor. Basketball game at 1030, hockey game at 420p. Right now I'm taking a shit and contemplating taking pics. Phone Post 3.0