What are you guys doing today? May 21st

Bought lawnmower

Mowed grass

Repaired fence gate

Ate leftovers for lunch

About to drop a deuce

Watch baseball while kids nap and wife hikes

Make wife martini while she showers

Take her to poundtown half way through said martini Phone Post 3.0

Finally on the road, headed to Billings for the night. Phone Post 3.0

Firing up a bunch of tournaments on pokerstars as we speak, gonna watch the Blues/Sharks game on the ole tellyvision

Finished a night shift this morning. Check out neighbor's open house & get a better idea for pricing mine in a couple months. 

Just got back from having my 7yr old sons staph lanced & drained. Little man didn't even cry although he was damn close with the latocain shot. Earned himself an ice cream cone. 


Going to to mow the lawn in a few min.