What are you reading in 2019? (Fiction)

I'm currently reading the new Stephen King novel, the institute. It's actually very good. That being said, I very much liked his mr Mercedes shit. THAT, being said, it's his best shit in a while. He has a specific talent for writing about kids. 

What you reading? 

Als I have s great website for free books 

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I've never read Transmetropolitan before (comic)...gonna give it a run

The First Man in Rome by Colleen McCullough. 


Its absolutely fantastic if you're into Roman history. Historical fiction written like a novel. All the characters of Roman history with dialogue and historical events played out like you're there.

It cover the rise of Marius around 110 BC all the way to Augustus beating Marc Antony like 80 years later. 


Edit. The series is called Masters of Rome. I'm on book 7 of 7