What are you reading right now?...

I have begun the third GOT book Storm of Swords....just got finished with the comic series 100 Bullets...and I am about half done with Prospero Burns from the warhammer 40k, Horus heresy series....

I find thay ever since i got my nook color a couple of years ago i am reading way more, especially older comics that i missed.... Phone Post 3.0

Owners manual(s) to my 90s Jayco pop-up camper and all the appliances in it. Came with a big folder of stuff.

Just got it and I love this thing.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson and the third Sin City book.

I like variety :) Phone Post 3.0

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Well, the answer is in the question, isn't it, my friend?
puffs pipe, arches eyebrows

The OG... Phone Post 3.0

Life of Pi. Very slowly....

But my non-butthole answer is everything I can find about the composer John Cage.

"Everything in Its Path" - a sociological study of the effects on the community after the 1972 Buffalo Creek flood. Shit is utterly depressing.

However, I've got a new Tab 4 on its way from amazon. When it arrives, I'll be reading the entire Hellblazer series from start to finish. Should provide a nice change of pace.

Also recently finished "Robots and Empire" and I'm looking forward to reading Asimov's Empire and Foundation series.

Lolita by Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov

Phone Post 3.0

I recommend this book as well.

Phone Post 3.0

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Killer Elite

rufus -

Your stupid fucking thread. Kill yourself, please.

This without the kill yourself stuff. Phone Post 3.0

The Lonely Bride by Lawson Collins

The Mission, The Men, and Me by Pete Blaber

Highly suggest checking it out

Personal by Lee Child. It came out yesterday and I fucking love Jack Reacher. Phone Post 3.0

Mein Kampf. Phone Post 3.0

The Conspiracy Against the Human Race