What are you watching tonight?

3 events, 2 of which I got on DVR.

Which one(s) are you watching, or are you flicking between?

UFC.. bellator DVR.. I'll be missing WSOF Phone Post 3.0

UFC, i don't have access to Bellator or WSOF unfortunately. I'll just have to catch the highlights tomorrow. 

I'll probably do alot of channel switching. There's fights on all cards that I want to see. I can't choose just one. Phone Post 3.0

I didn't realize WSOF was on NBCSN, channel 314 for Time Warner.

I at least want to see if Melvin never gets back to the UFC.

Bellator Phone Post 3.0

UFC.  Hunto vs Werdum cannot miss this one live.

Bellator on DVR. to watch post UFC.

WSOF gets skipped. 

I shoulda got one of those "Hopper" recording devices.

UFC & Bellator at the same time. $5 cover at a Ojos Locos in San Antonio. My buddy is getting married next month and all he wants is to watch college football and MMA surrounded by his buddies on this Saturday as his bachelor party. 

Go Ryan! Phone Post 3.0

I got the genie so I'm watching everything!
Dasry Phone Post 3.0

Gotta see Gaethje and Guillard over all Phone Post 3.0