What are your 3 favorite smells?

Mine are:

1. Interiors of old cars

2. Stanky nugs

3. Star Jasmine shrubs.

What are yours? Phone Post 3.0

Smell of bacon cooking on a Sunday Morning.

A nice clean and sweet snatch

The smell of fresh rain. Phone Post 3.0

Good weed, clean pussy, and killed meats grilling. Phone Post 3.0

Fresh cut cedar wood

Roast garlic

Hot asphalt (reminds me of an amusement park we went to every summer as a kid) Phone Post 3.0

Bounce fabric softener

Scent of soil and grass when it just begins to rain

Deeeeeeeez nuts Phone Post 3.0

Napalm in the morning.


Desperation. Phone Post 3.0

My own farts in the morning.

My own farts in the day.

My own farts at night. Phone Post 3.0

  1. Stripper perfume
    2. Taco truck
    3. Coffee

In to count the farts Phone Post 3.0

Gas, fresh cut grass, garlic. Phone Post 3.0

big daddy yum yums - Bacon
Those black tree car fresheners
... not necessarily in that order Phone Post 3.0
Butt crack? Phone Post 3.0

Tomato plants(when you touch the fury shit on the stem and smell)


Grilling Meat

Popcorn popping
Blueberry muffins
Garlic sauteing in evoo. Phone Post 3.0

Stripper coconut
Doppelbock beer
Grilled beef Phone Post 3.0

  1. The interior of my 79 F250
    2. My wife's feet (that's fuckin weird)
    3. Tie - Southern Bourbon Whiskey/Cuban Maduro #5 Phone Post 3.0

The smell after it rains

large bodies of water

sugar cookies

  1. Newly opened can of tennis balls
    2. Fireplaces from other homes outside
    3. A dank hoppy beer Phone Post 3.0

ku3mm3t - Good weed, clean pussy, and killed meats grilling. Phone Post 3.0
Since you've already listed my top 3 I'll go with the dark horse list.

Shower farts. (the Donald Duck noise is a bonus)

New tires.

Freshly baking cinnamon rolls. Phone Post 3.0

1 tres flores
2 good weed
3 new pair of tennis shoes Phone Post 3.0

Whiskey, grilled meat and eucalyptus Phone Post 3.0