What are your 3 favorite smells?

Pussy, assholes and nuts Phone Post 3.0


Cinnamon rolls

Fresh cut grass Phone Post 3.0

3 of my favorites that haven't been named:

surf wax

spray paint

burnt match

Ringworm74 - 1 tres flores
2 good weed
3 new pair of tennis shoes Phone Post 3.0
Ha ha tres flores. Mexicans get they hair just right. Phone Post 3.0

Burning sage
Baby shampoo Phone Post 3.0

Vanilla, diesel exhaust and salt marsh. Phone Post 3.0

Some good ones on here Phone Post 3.0

Satsuma (fuck you)


BBQ Phone Post 3.0


Stripper Perfume

Lilacs in the spring. Phone Post 3.0

My farts Phone Post 3.0

Dirt bike exhaust Phone Post 3.0

Kauai air

Maui air

Big Island air (minus any vog)

My burp, my fart , and my shit Phone Post 3.0

Rain on fresh cement
Fresh cut grass Phone Post 3.0

MMAhaiku - Popcorn popping
Blueberry muffins
Garlic sauteing in evoo. Phone Post 3.0

Forgot about popcorn. I am popcorn maniac..

  1. Pussy
    2. Bacon (honorable mention: all cooking meat)
    3. Coffee

    I've read that due to our neurological structures, scent triggers memory more than other senses. So if you disagree with any of these, you must have connected your alternate choices with some amazing memories. Phone Post 3.0

Cut Grass
Fresh Landry
New Car Smell, especially if it is my new car.

Palo Santo

Creosote bushes after it rains

My mom's asshole Phone Post 3.0

No order

Fresh cut grass
Wood on fire
My tires after I do a burn out Phone Post 3.0

I love the smell of clean pussy and good weed as much as the next guy, but I don't see how they can compete with the smell of freshly baked bread. Phone Post 3.0