What are your fav instructional vids and why?


I still really watching the Gracie Basics. I have been watching a lot of JT Van V's boxing instructionals lately. I watch a lot of Erik Paulson's stuff too. I watch a ton of videos. These are some of the main ones that come to mind


Stephan Kesting, all day. My entire ground game is a combination of him and my real life instructor, Peter Martell.

Carson's Corner radio show - 

Anything by Paul Vunak



Carson's Corner radio show -

Anything by Paul Vunak

He prolly coulda been ufc champ but didn't wanna risk killing someone in the octagon.

Roli Delgados illegal leg locks 

Any Dan the wolfman video really, those videos are full of knowledge and killer life ending techniques. Watch at your own peril, you've been warned.

Carson's Corner radio show -

Anything by Paul Vunak

Awesome hahah

Saltine American -


Also awesome haha

Also Lawrence Kenshin seems to know his shit and I enjoy his videos 


Tristars channel is awesome too 


Dr John LaTourette

Al Farnsworth

Richard Van Donk

Todd Weeks

William Cheung

Emin Boeptze

John Cozatt

Harold Brosious

Leung Ting

George Dillman



Stephen K Chan

Master Toby