What are your favorite things to get at Costco?

Unless you're a bad person, you love Costco. What's the coolest shit to get at Costco?

I love getting the Morton's pre-marinated tri-tips. They're about $16-$21 depending on weight and are absolutely delicious. Easily serves 4 people.

For some reason I also love their apples that come in the plastic tray.

Also can't beat their pizza, $10 for a huge pizza.

And of course gasoline.

Whenever my Dad and I are going to BBQ for a catering event.....BRISKETS!  Usually we go with Prime cuts.

Personal:  The only reason I have a membership is because my Boss wants me to (company paid), so the only things I normally buy for myself:  GUM (12 packs for $7) and SNACKS (Mixed Nuts and Chocolate Covered Almonds) in the tubs.  That's about it.  Pretty boring.

+1 for apples.

Spices, Socks, Booze, Cholula, Deli meats, Hummus, Charcoal, Mobil 1, Blue Diamond Almonds, and of course a slice or dog and drink on the way out.

I'm a meat snob so I typically get it from the local butcher, but Costco's is just fine. I'll grab it there if I am having a large gathering.

tri tips (their meat in general is fucking great), PIZZA both food court and take and bake, gas, shrimp, jalapeno artichoke dip, el monterey burritos...

can't beat Costco for other boring shit like diapers, trash bags, ketchup and other condiments, etc either.

Coconut oil. Phone Post 3.0

Our Costco has their liquor store separate from the warehouse.

When we go there, my 2yr old calls it, "The Daddy Juice Store".

Flushable butt wipes


Booze Phone Post 3.0

Moishes pickles. $5 for a huge jar. Absolutely delicious deli style. Phone Post 3.0


Chicago Mix Phone Post 3.0

Freeman - 

I've never been to Costco.

I'm a bad person?  :(

Unfortunately, yes

Oh shit, sometimes my bad will ball out and get the shrimp cocktail platter. That's bomb as well.

+1 for artichoke dip

I also get vitamins there

Fuckin red velvet cake. $10, it's huge and delicious

Breathe right strips Phone Post 3.0

Bully Sticks for the pups is one thing that is always on the list when i go


These socks will change your life.  The ones with the red/blk striped toes.

Stuffed salmon!

 Best juice ever!

Chocolate milk you don't even have to refridgerate!


Cellucor C4 pre-workout

protein bars

granola bars


My wife got a couple Puma hoodies for $10 each yesterday. 

BigEyedFish -


Best deal around, $10 for a big ass bag and now they have the red and white one. Phone Post 3.0

1) Michelin tires

2) Gas