What are your financial goals...

What are your financial goals this year?

For me, it's to expand in to more online business opportunities. Write a few ebooks, provide online services, etc.

What are your goals?

I could probably give you some advice on real estate, but I know there are a few people that post in this area that could probably steer you in the right direction...

Is the home for yourself?

If you are starting out I would suggest picking yourself up a duplex/triplex and letting the tenants pay the expenses. I like passive income!

I want to keep my earned income over $1 million per year. Most important I want my passive/investment income to be greater than my earned income. I live way below my means so my focus continues to be investment performance (although risk management is a big key for me) to build more investment income. I want to reach a point in a few years where I live off my investments and do more time teaching, writing and helping others vs. so much focus on my core business responsibilities.


I know you've been around here awhile but I'm curious as to what you do that allows an earned income in excess of $1M?

Just learn how to make some extra income from home or extra in genral. Im looking for stuff that doesnt entail selling on ebay. I know it has worked for many though

My goal is to pay off half of my student loan debt. I've been following Dave Ramsey's Debt Snowball plan and have paid off nearly $11k in around 3 months. $75k to go.


That's great to hear. I've never heard of Dave Ramsey's system.... glad it's working out for you though!


 I oversee various types of businesses which include real estate, private loans, securities, etc.  I guess it is fair to say my profession is business and financial management.  I am fairly close to $100 million that I personally manage and I can normally keep 1%+ per year in what I manage either through fees or results.  I don't consider that a ton of money but keep in mind I was never part of the traditional institutional money management world.  I hope that answers your question.  

 I also teach on occassions at various events on topics related to financial and business management.  Hopefully my later years in business will be more focused on writing and teaching because I love to do them.  I am actually marketing some products in this area this year through a company in Dallas.  It should be the start of the next big transition in my business career.

Anyone know any "REAL" oppurtunites to make side cash from home based buisness or even just side cash in general. Im not interested in scams and can sniff them out really well.

Any Ideas besides ebay??


I'll have to bite and ask...how'd you get involved in this? That's serious money. I'm not familiar with all the history on here but I can't help but ask.

Last year I made great strides.

Have a 6 month emergency fund in a cd.

Contributed 6 % to my 401k + company match.

Use an excel worksheet to budget every check.

This year I need to refi my house. It's going to be tough as I live in a depressed area where my house lost 10% value in 2 years.

Need to sell my lease car through http://www.swapalease.com/ or http://www.leasetrader.com/

and buy a used car.

Instead of giving the gov a no interest loan, I have 8 Fed witholdings and 8 State Witholdings to about break even come tax time.

Tomorrow I'm buying house insurance policy that is 50% cheaper than my current. AIG must be recouping Katrina costs in my new payment that raised 30%

Still roll coins and take them to the bank. Something my grandmother taught me.

My Econ classes taught me that S = I and I can save up to 40% of each check. Instead of letting it sit in a MMA, I need to buy into stock funds.


Make a bigger dent in some of my student loans and begin building an investment portfolio.


 My education and early career was in accounting.  I worked taxes for about 5 years after college.  That started my interest in business.  I focused my skills on being able to help anyone create or advance momentum with their business or finances.  I developed skills that had real value in the marketplace.  Once I had the skills, I learned how to find and expand relationships and how to get compensated on value vs. by the hour.  I probably work as hard to day improving my value to the marketplace as I have at any time in my life.  

  There is a lot to my journey but the foundation started with developing a value to the marketplace and learning how to get paid for it.  Ironically, I know so many people who can provide more value than me in various areas but have no clue on how to recognize or get paid for their value.  I think another key part was the evolution of my business thinking (building teams, systemization, etc.).  No one starts with understanding how to build and run a big business.  Like everyone, I started with a mom and pop mentality but always focused on learning to get to the next level.  

 Anyway, feel free to ask any questions.  If any lessons I have learned and share provide value to others, then I will gladly answer questions.

Very interesting...can I shoot you an email?

Gordon, do you find your background in tax accounting still plays a part in your business dealings or have you moved to other ventures completely? I know you are involved in a number of things.

im saving 20 percent of my salary in ROTH 401k

max out IRA,

and save 5 grand in a seperate account
which i have allocated as my " gambles" were i take my risks in the market with

all this emphasis i have put on retirment hope i make to 65 lol

40 more years to go


  You are welcome to email me.  My email is gordonhester@yahoo.com


 My tax experience has been a huge asset to me in all my business and investments over the years.  I still have a great understanding of most areas of taxes that apply to individuals, businesses, and investments.  This would include domestically, foreign taxes and systems as well as asset protection related to tax planning.  My understanding is at a level where I can still do system development and high end tax planning.

To save about $1000 a month

"I am glad to see so many people living below their means. There a lot of people in this country that make well into the six figures that have negative net worth - they spend more than they earn."

I realized this too this year. I now live WELL below my means and am able to save around $2500 a month, the majority of which I've been putting toward my excess student loan debt. My goal is to be completely debt free in less than 2 years. I've learned alot about living below my means by listening to Dave Ramsey, you can listen to his show from his website www.daveramsey.com.