What are your goals for New year?

I'm curious about everyone's martial arts and fitness related goals for the New Years. Lets hear them!

I would like to increase my bench from 370 to 400 and get down from 220 at 10% bodyfat to 210 at 8% bodyfat. Just kidding! Lets hear the goals!

I have been out of martial arts for a while...I have kept in OK shape but just feel like an aspect of my personality is missing...So my goal is get back to training.

to be a better person.

To search the foothills of China to find the Taoist master who can at last teach me the fabled 'touch-of-death'.

Then use this knowledge to win both UFC and Pride in all weight divisions (except LHW - that Randy seems like such a nice fellow).

To become a human WMD.

Paul I do not know what you are talking about. You are the most patient and compassionate person I have ever met. You should probably make a resolution to be LESS giving in the New Year. I am also looking forward to helping out and training at the new facility, hopefully more room and organization will bring our games up to a new level.

Living more in my way