What are your memories of Strikeforce?

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                                What are your memories of Strikeforce?

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                    <p><em>Underground Blogger DeLeon  DeMicoli reflects on the end of Strikeforce.</em><em> DeLeon DeMicoli writes and trains in San Francisco, CA.&nbsp; He is currently writing a novel on Mixed Martial Arts.</em></p>

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Strikeforce: Reflection

I’m sad to see Strikeforce go. Being from the Bay Area I had the opportunity to attend several live events at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA. Tickets were inexpensive, even floor-seats. Getting to the venue early was essential to meet fighters like Randy Couture outside of the arena, Royce Gracie by the concession stands, and Uriah Faber and Bas Rutten down by the cage, as well as several others. Besides that, nothing was more fulfilling than hanging out with like-minded individuals that were just as excited as I was to see Gilbert Melendez unify the lightweight championship belt after defeating Josh Thomson, Fedor tapping when Werdum trapped him. in a triangle choke or the sheer fear of hearing Cung Le’s kicks snap into Scott Smith’s midsection.

Seeing these events live brought an appreciation for the sport that went well beyond fandom. I began training and competing as a result, read books on the history of the sport and attended expos. I was immersed; still am. I look at it like this: when I was younger and my friend, Shawn, and I went to see a Tribe Called Quest in concert. We were huge fans, knew every lyric from Midnight Marauders to Beats, Rhymes & Life. We rap’d with them when they came out on stage, mimicked how they moved and danced with other fans. That concert alone inspired Shawn to practice his rhyming and start a group, The Starving Artist Crew, and later release an album, Up Pops the SAC, as well as a solo project.

Thinking back, if we never attended that concert, who knows if Shawn would’ve ever picked up the mic and made a go at it, giving him the opportunity to perform on stage all over the world. I guess what I’m trying to say is there’s a big difference when experiencing an artist perform his or her craft on TV and radio and seeing an artist perform live. There’s energy, an excitement that simply cannot be seized from the comfort of your couch or in the soft leather seats of your ride. Knowing the people at the event feel the same way you do, for the most part, brings a tantalizing sensation and energy high that cannot be duplicated no matter how many Red Bulls you drink in a row. There’s no feeling like it. And that’s what I’ll miss most about Strikeforce. They have a warm spot in my heart since, after all, it was the first and last live event I attended.

What Strikeforce memories do you have?

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I think my favorite parts were the prelims, Especially the early ones with all the snafus. Also Titos commentaries were priceless. The fights were always great

My favorite fighter, role model, and certified legend Fedor losing unceremoniously to Bigfoot, Werdum and Hendo

Also, Nick Diaz blooms...

WMMA proves itself...

Noons vs Masvidal.

Thompson vs Gil.

Hendo bombs babalu

Jordan Mein is a beast

HWGP Phone Post

this will always be my best memory.  Being in the locker room with Werdum before he defeated Fedor.





Diaz/Daley and Lawler/Manhoef really stick out to me.

25cm pole

Fedor, Diaz, the Reem

Every fedor fight,nick Diaz vs Paul Daley,rousey Phone Post

In no particular order...

Frdor blasting Rogers as Gus Johnson was saying something casual, which made Gus go from casual to absolutely hysterical in a nanosecond.

Shields beating Hendo in a snoozefest, which was quickly livened up afterwards by Mayhem and the Diaz bros.

Don't be scared homie.

Marquardt decapitating Woodley via elbows.

Hendo-Fedor craziness.

Hendo making Feijao faceplant.

Frank's braces.

Siyar calling Scott Coker a pig fucker for reasons I can't remember.

Luke Rockhold being dreamy.



Robbie Lawler being frustrating to watch. Phone Post

I'll miss the the show style with the ramp and bright colourful cage.lol

Scott Smith Comeback against Cung Le/Scott Smith loss to Paul Daley

My lovely Gina got stopped by Cyborg



Fedor/Rogers (Pretty much Fedor)

Diaz-Daley Round of War

Frank Shamrock carrying and competiting/Ko'ing Gracie

Diaz, 209, what! (Never boring to watch)

Nashville Brawl

Miller almost putting shields to sleep.

WMMA just being great and fun to watch.

The erection I got when the HW Grand Prix was annouced.

Lawler comeback KO'ing Manhoef

Marquadt Mortal Kombat finish of Woodley

Gil and Josh's great wars.


Getting to see the opening round of the Heavyweight GP.

Seeing the GOAT get pounded into oblivian by Bigfoot made it bittersweet though. Phone Post

how could i forget gina vs cyborg.  



Card -

Gus: Rogers....28 year old kid from the CABRINI GREEN!!!!!!! Phone Post

I haven't missed a minute of Strikeforce since it first appeared on Showtime. Brawls, bad ref stoppages, eye pokes, anticlimactic/controversial endings all too often...that's what I'll remember. I guess I'm a cynical fan or something.

junobeach - Strikeforce stood for Freedom and the American Dream. They were a promotion that grew to such a size that the UFC couldn't ignore them or bully them. They had to take out their checkbook and kill them off once and for all.

They put on great fights, they were pioneers of women's MMA.

Women's MMA simply would not be where it is today without Strikeforce.

I think that we will look back and realize that MMA was better with Strikeforce, just like it was better with Pride, and that ultimately Zuffa LLC has dealt yet another self-inflicted blow to themselves by destroying another great promotion

RIP in peace Strikeforce. You were too good for this world.

Just for the record Strikeforce was already for sale when the UFC bought them.

My favorite Strikeforce stuff. Has been the Nick Diaz run

Fedor vs Werdum, it was like a funeral in the arena, never heard anything like it.

Also Hendo vs Fedor. Hendor is a true legend.

Frank Shamrock narrating his own retirement montage was a good one.