What are your Takeaways from ADCC 2022?

Mine (not engraved in stone):

  • No gi grappling in 2022 is another animal! I started in 1995!
    -DDS & family rule the game
    -Besides the twins, Athos is all strength and point tactics
    -The twins kick ass
    -Gordon is on another level



Gordon and Danaher are practicing a different sport than everyone else out there.

Atos is a bunch of meat heads. Except for the twins. They should join a different team.

B Team made a mistake branching out on their own.


B team won silver with Danaher and without. Nickyrod, Nicky Ryan and Craig are all amazing but they were all never champions with danaher, and they still went out and did well. Plus Gary did horrible this year and he never left. Shit happens. John is an amazing teacher obviously but I wouldn’t say the split is the reason none of the B team guys won gold.


Wrestle gordon ryan GIF by truTV’s The Chris Gethard Show

Live footage of Gordon at adcc

More footage

Wrestle gordon ryan GIF by truTV’s The Chris Gethard Show

Wrestle gordon ryan GIF by truTV’s The Chris Gethard Show

I stand by my opinion.

Gordon is the michael jordan of BJJ not travis lutter.

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I noticed a boat load of half being played.

People seem more comfortable in exchanging leg locks (thankfully, not as dangerous as people make it out to be)

New in thing seems to be wrestling



ADCC is poorly run.


I was suppose to go, pretty happy I didn’t

Wrestling is the new “meta” (I hate that word lol) and has been for a while now but leg locks or at least the threat of them are still a real thing from guard play (especially half,butterfly half, and reverse DLR) as shown by Gordon.


None of the heel hook submissions were done from the inside. They were all outside finishes. Just goes to show how much the trends change.

The most effective strategy is the most boring/conservative one. Yuri Simoes. Super strong defensive takedown while appearing just aggressive enough not to get penalties. Also staying in half guard on your knees to minimise leg lock entries.

The Ruotolos are amazing but I don’t think their style can last the tale of time. They very much have a “youthful” game. That’s not to say they cannot or will not adapt.

The pacing and overall schedule was off and amateurish. The first day was a short amount of content while the second day was over twelve hours. The HOF portion should not have had one of most valuable time slots.

I agree that B Team guys need a coach. Reminds me of high level bands that ditch an outside producer and self produce. Yes, you can still do good things but it almost never reaches the same level as a high level producer/coach.


I hate this style so much. As wrestling, it’s crap, and it can’t even be called BJJ. It’s like a weird hybrid style that only exists due to the ruleset.


No more Jiu in their Jitsu!

Basically, if your Guard gets passed, you will not win. Side Mount Escapes and Mount Escapes are not important because it is all about the points and once someone passed you it is all a fight against the clock and your opponent who is in no need to finish you or risk anything.

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Thanks for your 2 cents brother!

Keep up the good work, I probably have all your instructional vids on BJJFanatics haha

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Some good stuff is coming within the next days and weeks. An arm across the chest Guillotine Instructional ( I think it will be the first at BJJ Fanatics) and a Americana Instructional which will also the first at BJJ Fanatics:-)