What Beer For Kids Party?

Don’t drink, so I know nothing about beer.
Having a kids get together for about 6 families.
What beer should I get for the adults ?

High Noons

Is this really a question?


Do you want them to be champions or not??


King cobra 40oz’ers

The cheapest beer possible. You dont drink so you have the perfect excuse not to waste money getting other schmucks drunk. I stopped providing good beer at parties years ago. Your going to offend at least someone no matter what you provide anyway.

Not to mention your more likely to get frowned upon for even offering beer at a kids party. B.Y.O.B.- this isnt college anymore. Make some iced tea, buy some cheap soda and maybe offer up some of those new fancy seltzers all the fags are deep throating now a days.

Modelo is a good option. Something lighter like a lager that is middle of the road that isn’t shit, but also not too expensive. Stella Artois is a good choice. Dos Equis. 805. Maybe a few Stone IPA’s to mix it up

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Alcohol is literally the only way to tolerate a kids party. If i’m showing up to your kids party you better damn well supply me with beer.

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Wine coolers.


i hate when it is my turn to take one of our kids to a bday party of some kid i dont know
booze is necessary…otherwise im forced to hit my weed vape and i hate vaping weed

Cheap domestic for a party. If someone has a problem with a bud or miller they don’t have to drink

What kind of jerk off complains about free beer?


Thought Sam Adams or mikes lemonade would be the go to for the OG

Sam Adams summer ale would also be a great choice

Crap, there’s different kinds of Sam Adams - fml

Depends on your audience. If its Latinos/Hispanics, you should get Corona, Heineken, Modelo, and/or Budweiser.

Got corona and modelo

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Guys that don’t like cheap beer who’d rather have free liquor

this fucker knows beer and kids parties.


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These people sound like some real losers if they cant even go to a family friendly event without having to use alchohol. Mental weakness at its finest.

You oughta trap all these bitches in a room and give them a intervention.

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he's not actually drunk root beer GIF by hoppip