What big names will be at Arnold?

What big names will be in (or just spectators) at the Arnold Gracie Tournament?

Also When & Where is this event held?

I heard Brennan is giving is a shot

i heard some governor is gonna be there

Rumors - PeDePano, Wade Rome, Jeff Monson, Brandon Vera, Shonie Carter, Shaolin Ribeiro, Saulo Ribeiro, Chris Brennan fighting..

The tourney is the "Gracie Worlds" that is held at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio every year. It is March 5,6, and 7 this year.

thanks bogart, for some reason I thought it was gonna be in Northern Cali, I would have tried to go, do they produce video of top matches or something?

endochokedme.. yes they do.. for more information go to http://www.gracieworlds.com/

dennis hallman is gonna be there, so I hear

Pedrinho Brandao will be there

The Assuncao brothers will be there too!!!!

I believe Ryan Stout could show up.


Ok guys, basicly what I want to know is, will bobbibillard be there? I know someone has to have info on this or a member of www.bobbibillard.com let us know!

whats up Junior? When are you guys coming up to Tn?