What Bourbon are you drinking?

Angels Envy

I must’ve missed that post. You mind re-posting? I’d probably be up for it.

Oh, never mind, I see it now. I’m all set on blantons but I’d be all over a raffle for some pappy’s or W12 if the price is reasonable (equal to what you’d see in mega fireballz etc).

I picked up Blanton’s yesterday from Costco. $49.99
And not bourbon but I grabbed ardbeg arrrrrrrdbeg a few days ago

Just got tattooed and had some pikesville rye. Love the spiciness of rye

I’m on this at the moment. Pretty damn good.

I was lucky enough to get the last couple of pours from a bottle of Blanton’s original private reserve at a local whiskey joint here in Australia. That stuff was like silk, I’ve never had anything like it.

Got the Old Scout Smooth Amble barrel picks!

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Is that the Dickle or MGP sourced juice? I have enjoyed going to their distillery and doing the tasting and your.

These are MGP I had a sample and they are damn good!

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Any time it says distilled in Lawrenceburg, IN it is MGP

You must be a tater…

Blanton’s SFTB is incredible. Blanton’s is a 40 dollar bourbon in a 20 dollar bottle.

Like wise with W12. It’s a great $40-50 bottle. It’s insane to pay 200+ for it…

Taters will walk past amazing bottles that are far better than blanton’s and W12 and yell at store owners when they get told “no, we don’t she any blanton’s”…

Good/great $50-70 bottles: Old Forester 1910/1920, ECBP, Jack Daniels Barrel Proof, Russel Reserve store picks, “some” MGP bourbon, “most” MGP 4+ year Rye, 4R store picks… I can go on and on…

I don’t know man. I’ve posted it here before, but we did a couple blind taste tests on NYE three or four consecutive years, and Blanton’s was the unanimous winner each time. Blind, meaning we didn’t know what we were tasting. Unanimous, meaning two to four (depending on the year) ALL picked the same one. Each time the competition varied, but Basil Hayden, Makers, MM46, Jefferson’s, JDSB, Angel’s Envy, Eagle Rare, a couple different Woodfords, Wellers, Bulliets, Old Foresters, Four Roses, Elijah Craigs and Knob Creeks were all represented. After #1, the ordered varied person-to-person, but in my book, Blanton’s is as good as it gets.

This past NYE, we did a Rye taste-off with 2 Whistle Pigs, Basil Hayden, Bulliet, Michter’s, Knob, Woodford, Angel’s Envy and 2 High Wests, but no agreement on the best.

Your palate may need a little work. Blanton’s is very “smooth”. So to people that are newer to bourbon it is very easy to drink and does taste good.

Same reason new bourbon drinkers like Basil Hayden. Basil Hayden is a $15 whiskey in pretty packaging. OGD114 is the same stuff proofed up and nearly half the price.

Angels Envy is just awful…

Old Knob Creek Store Picks (14+ yr) are the best value in bourbon… Or use to be anyway…those are now a thing of the past

Wow, condescend much? I’m north of 50 and not new to bourbon, but you go ahead and make whatever assumptions and conclusions you want hipster

I didn’t mean that to be offensive… My observation is that people that are buying Basil Hayden and going wild for Blantons are newer to bourbon. Apologies it came across that way.

You still don’t get it. I’m not offended, but when you tell someone they must not be refined/smart/experienced/etc enough to appreciate something, you come across cunty. Like, ‘if your opinion is different from mine, it’s because you aren’t enough, and I am.’

Opinions are opinions, they aren’t arguable.

Well… You did respond to my post with “I don’t know man.”…

Everyone has a unique palate. Cheers!

Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage. Best $30 I ever spent.

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Blantons is ok. Its definitely a bottle that everyone gravitates to when they come to my house and for me i usually use it as a guest pour. Its definitely not bad but there are 50 there are 100 different bottles i would take over it. My pallet is supercharged for 100+ proof so anything under isnt piquing my interest and that includes Weller 12, Blantons and ETL. I have those as impress my guests bottles.

Give me Knob Creek 9yr single barrel, WT101, OF1920, EW BiB, ET BiB over those any day. But thats just me. Tons of people love the lower proof stuff.

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Try Evan Williams Bottled in Bond. Might be the beat $15-20 youll ever spend

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