What Bourbon are you drinking?

Lol what? I sold a bottle of it for $100 – and I could have easily gotten more – to a coworker of mine not too long ago.

Like anything else, the value is determined by what someone is willing to pay for it.

You simply do not see ANY weller product where I live, and buffalo trace/eagle rare ain’t easy to find either.

I saw eagle rare for $70 on SPI. Hard pass. WHEN I can find it, it’s no more than $35 here in Wisconsin

A buddy of mine gave me this. He was sponsored by them and then got canceled for yelling at his ball. I can’t find 1 in stock for sale. So, I believe it’s worth between $60 and a bajillion.


Lots here available.

It’s usually 120 or so.

What part of Wisconsin?

Milwaukee area

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A lil bit o Wellerz for this evening


I’ll admit they turned me tf forever ago, haven’t really tried newer drops the past cpl years.

They def have the resources and ability to produce great stuff, and im sure it’s out there.

I dont drink much anymore and I’m admittedly a snob w it these days. I don’t buy/drink often, and when I do it has to be top tier bourbon/rye.

I like snagging bomb private barrels. In the fucked up whiskey market today, the only good “score” out there is that bomb private barrel.

Snag a Russell’s reserve CN F or a old forester barrel proof warehouse K floor 8 private barrel.

:fire::fire::fire: winning

Thanks @rubbermonkey for the New Riff!


Crack it or I will come over and do it for you! PS Fin, your bottle will be there Tues.

I’ll bring the Riff to the fights and we’ll crack it open!

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My liver is ready.

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Found some Four Roses single barrel for like $40. Four Roses small batch is my brother’s favorite so hopefully he likes this as much/better. Bday gift.

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I have seen it here for like $39 in SoCal at the grocery store. That was in the last month or so.

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In my opinion this is the best value in bourbon. A 12 yr barrel proof for 60-70 these days is a rarity.


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That’s not an opinion. That’s a fact


What state are you in where they are selling ECBP for $60?

Saw some Kentucky Owl Confiscated for $150 today. Problem with Kentucky Owl is I’ve tasted their stuff ranging from $30 to $1000 a bottle and it all taste the same.

Chicagoland area. This bottle in particular cost me 50.