What Bourbon are you drinking?

Well make room. You are getting a volans and Elijah craig barrel proof kick down from me

You now don’t like Volans anymore? Your taste buds are shot!

Sembre valles, fortaleza or cascahuin or fu k your.mother!

So my secret stash is safe!

Is that ghey c9de? Please let it be ghey code

Drinking a lot of Japanese whiskey at the moment. Delish!!


Which ones are good? Most that I tried are expensive and just ok. Open to recommendations

Well, I can confirm that the first pour was worth every penny I paid. Very reasonable at $52.

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I think it was pretty damn good first pour. A little spicier than I thought but not too spicy, very good value for me.

Only one I’ve had.

If yall are looking for the better bottles, prices are down 25 to 40%. Warehouse c has been 16 to 18, saw 2 sell for 11 today. I bought a 200 bottle for 125. I have been holding off buying 4 roses l e and old carters, but now may be the time


Visited Jim Beam this morning


Finished the day at Angel’s Envy


That Rye aged in rum casks was great, but it was maybe too sweet… It was pure burned sugar on the smell and felt like you were drinking something entirely different.

BTW, bought a bottle of Legent at the JB… I love sherry bombs and this was right up my alley.

I’ve been to the JB distillery, did the Kentucky Dinner Train Bourbon Excursion out of Bardstown. Four Roses is right up the road. Where is Angel’s Envy in relation to those?

It’s in Louisville… They just distill and bottle it here, though… Aging is done somewhere else (they told us due to city regulations).

Four Roses was the first one I visited.

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First pour.


Thats a great bourbon!

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Enjoying some Balcones baby blue before going back to Brazil.

Smells awesome… The taste reminds me of Garrison, but better.