What Bourbon are you drinking?

It’s age stated. Look on the side… 12 yr…

Never got that…had the select I think its called and the #12 in the past.

I think this one is the best so far.

Jd triple mash, weller fp, Willett 6 year rye, eht single barrel, gt stagg. Gotta go check into the cabin and then recommence beveraging

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Tonight’s pick.

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What wife got me for anniversary this year.

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Found this on twitter.


Henry McKenna 10 year or the Rock Hill Farms. I’m too cheap to go over $20 per pour when I’m out.

How did you like it? I had voyage 20. Good, but over priced for me.

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It’s good. I agree overpriced for what it is. Pay for the gimmick I guess. Enjoying it as a gift, wouldn’t buy it for myself.

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Rock Hill Farms
4 Roses Barrel Strength

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Early Father’s day gift.


1st pour of the day. I’ll have to re-up on a bottle but goddamn the price has jumped $20
up to $70 since i bought this bottle. Still a good price for what you get though imo


Is gin a bourbon ?

A nice sipper.


My Father’s Day gift to myself.


Happy Father’s Day to the pops here. Salud :tumbler_glass:


If you are a fan of the Evan William’s single barrel, you better grab it now while you can. It’s about to become a Kentucky only item.

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Thankfully I live within 40 minutes of the KY border

Fellas I got 12 year knob creek for 49.99 so got it

I tried before and didn’t like it. But couldn’t pass up a new bottle to retry at what I think is MSRP or less than MSRP