What Bourbon are you drinking?

No way … Good 35-40 bottle. Nothing more…

That’s what I thought. Didn’t buy but won’t lie I’m still think about it

I have a bottle of mellow corn. Cheap as hell and not really that bad.

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I’m looking to Try it or the Balcones Blue Corn Bourbon. Both are made with 100 corn. All of the reviews about the Mellow Corn have been positive

Been searching for these for a very long time and finally came across them overseas.


Nice finds! What country?

I’m headed to France and Italy today so if it’s there, let me know.

Lisbon Portugal

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Just found some Blanton’s at the Panama duty free too.

For US$180 each I’ll pass

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How much better is it than reg? I was at a dive bar, they only had Blanton’s, but it was only 10.00 a shot. Decent, not memorable. Previous to that, had a homemade bourbon that was wheated White Dog, aged in a lil barrel for 6 months. 121 proof I was told. Pretty good. So, had that, then the blantons, then 2 different 4 Roses OESKs, and the Remus Repeal Reserve. I really like it, but my buddy found it underwhelming. I drank his.

Generally speaking, regular Blanton’s is good. Gold is a “little” bit better. SFTB is 10x better…

Keep in mind, there is a lot of variance in single barrels.



Often times for me, EH Taylor small batch beats out the single barrel.

Blending isn’t always a bad thing, as it tends to even out barrels that are unbalanced and/or one note.


I have had 10 different taylors prob. I favour the eht bp over the rest, with amaranth getting the silver. I haven’t had seasoned wood or 4 grain tho

Any of you have any experience or reviews on this?

Finally tried Jefferson ocean and I enjoyed it!

Keep us posted if you find anything interesting on your trip.

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you in louisville? i just left yesterday

That was in the end of May.

Good times.

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i’m there about four or five times a year for work. fun town. especially before covid but it feels like it’s coming back. make friends with some bourbon brokers if you ever go back. some guys there are sitting on some serious shit waiting for whales to come through around derby.

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