What Bourbon are you drinking?

Just got this and been hitting it all week. I like it


Happy Thanksgiving to all!


My local bar has Blanton’s. I got a double yesterday. I enjoy it. Just can’t ever find it at the state store.

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the pattern of the label’s the sonic signature of the metallica music they used to agitate the whiskey in the barrels.

wasn’t wildly impressed with the juice but i thought it was a unique idea

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Happy to see this on the shelf at BevMo in Chula Vista today. I really enjoyed the one I had through the VA ABC, hopefully this one also delivers.


What ABV?

Not super hot, 53.5%

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WOW…Kirkland single barrel reserve is pretty good…unless you dont like sweet. Mellow 120 proof

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Any of you here grab a bottle of the Trader Joe’s Barrel Proof, before it sold it. Ratings have been surprisingly good. The fact that the bottle was similar to Rock Hill Farms had many believing that this is a buffalo trace product. I don’t think it has been confirmed, but it is more likely a Barton product. Many have said the profile isn’t similar to 1792, so who knows.

Lol. They let people call in to reserve bottles. When i got there, every bottle had a name on it
Bill, tim, joebob etc. Why i didnt lie and say , hey. Im george here to pick up my bottle i dont know. Id live to say ethics, but honestly didnt think of it until the next day.

So no.

Most likely 1792 Full Proof

This was my choice on Sunday.


Landed this cache yesterday and I’m about to drop some of the Eagle Rare into my glencairn tonight.


This was very toasty. The proof was 115, but drank much lower for me. Pretty good pour.


the original 80* and cask strength were well liked by fred minnick. i usually find his opinions to be pretty close to my tastes.

in fact, everybody go subscribe to Fred’s youtube channel

he tastes everything, he gives accurate, unbiased reviews, and he’s a nice guy that uses his position in the industry to do a lot of charity work. and a combat vet, which i certainly respect and appreciate.

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Fred’s a good follow.
Other whiskey tubers that are good are:
Mash and Drum
Bourbon Judge
Bourbon Junkies
Its Bourbon Night
Bourbon Real Talk
Whiskey Tornado
ADHD Whiskey


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Eagle rare showing up on local shelves for retail. Very smooth. I likey!!


that’s been scarce lately around here