What Business Does Jardine have

fighting Chuck? They completely gloss over the embarrassing loss to Houston Alexander. Imo the card should have been Shogun v Chuck main event. UFC should be embarrassed making this a main event. Let this be a lesson it doesn't matter if you lose to Stephan Bonner, it doesn't matter if you lose to Houston Alexander..If you get a flash KO over Forrest Griffin antoher over hyped fighter you will be propelled into a number 1 contender match LMAO ridiculous

"This is more for Chuck than it is for Jardine."

And for the redneck fans. But hey, I'll gladly watch.

"This is more for Chuck than it is for Jardine."

More for Chuck? Chuck should be able to walk right in for a rematch, not have to fight some over hyped fighter who isnt even good

"Let this be a lesson it doesn't matter if you lose to Stephan Bonner"

He lost the decision, but not the fight.  Jardine was hosed on this one.

"He lost the decision, but not the fight. Jardine was hosed on this one."

so what he still lost...And he lost to Houston Alexander...He beat Forrest...WOW that obviosuly deserves a number 1 contender bid

number 1 contender bid? Who?

"number 1 contender bid? Who?"

winner of Chuck v Jardine. Which btw is a fucking joke. And PGp1 probably since Houston has a much better chance than this over rated fuck

"Is the UFC protecting Chuck from Houston Alexander?"


It is weird to get the main event of a PPV after having such a devstating loss...I'm aware this applies to both, but I meant Jardine.

To make Chuck look good.

Chuck sells PPV's. Why do you think Chuck-Jardine is main-eventing the next PPV, while the unification title fight between Rampage and Hendo was free? Do you really think Chuck-Hendo would have been free?

Chuck is money.

People know Jardine from TUF. He has name recognition from the show and from beating the popular Forrest. Plus, Jardine will be willing to engage and get KTFO-ed. Chuck will be built back up in the eyes of the fans. Chuck will continue to sell PPV's.

What's good for Chuck is what's good business for the UFC.

Chuck should be fighting a real contender

This fight will be to tell how far Chuck has fallen.

If he looks like shit against Jardine he will have a long way back to the top.

As said before, its simple, the main event should be Chuck vs Shogun, not the way it is. The fight makers of the UFC know that Shogun is slated as the #1 LHW in the world, and well, they give him Forrest, please. I agree with what people said, its all about hype and of course to the mainstream fans, Jardine and Griffen are big names, no matter what happens. But if its for a title shot, please, Shogun and Chuck

If 6 months down the line you end up getting Shogun/Rampage 2, and Silva/Chuck, then it all makes sense.

UFC pushes Shogun as the #1 LHW, and Rampage as going on a tear since the Shogun fight, and really only peaking now, you've got a big fight.

With Chuck/Silva, UFC pushes it as dominant champs destroying everyone in the quest to get the title back.


Chuck should be fighting Machida, imo.

It's not like Hamill or Bisping have any business fighting Chuck.

Forrest maybe but Jardine derailed that.

Sakara might have been next and a good match up until Alexander crushed that dream.

They should have Chuck face Alexander.

"They completely gloss over the embarrassing loss to Houston Alexander."

No, they said "both guys are coming off KO losses and looking to get back on track".

My only problem with the fight is that it should not be a main event.

wont be purchasing this UFC