What Can We As A Community Do To Stop Hate Crimes On Asians?

This forum is full of badass guys that know how to protect themselves and others. We also boast a lot of great guys that do the right thing, because that in itself is the reward. I think we should be able to put our heads together and come up with a way to help the Asian community.

Right now there is an uptick in hate crimes against Asians. Some believe this is due to Trump’s Chinavirus rhetoric, confusing many young men into believing persons of Asian descent are somehow responsible for the novel Coronavirus. There is a lot of anger from young white men who believe as other groups get their piece of the pie they are becoming disendranchised.

Together we can do our part to put a stop to this. Im thinking of creating a neighborhood watch in my area where I will gladly stand guard in Asian communities to watch, observe, and report any attacks. Other members could do likewise. Off the top of my head Im sure JJitsu would be proud to do his part in making California a safer place for Asian peoples. Kirik Jr likewise obviously has Indiana.

Yesterday I patrolled the beaches of Lake Tahoe and there were no anti-Asian hate crimes committed. Was it because of me? I’d like to think so. If you would like to organize a safety commity in your area, please check in below.

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Lake Tahoe isn’t a basement in Indiana and it’s nice to see you help a group of people who have been stereotyped as bad drivers, instead of just calling them … Well this.


Please leave your racist conspiracy theorist stuff off this thread. This is a serious discussion, not a virtual bridge for trolls to congregate under.

Just re name the thread. “I’m baiting Jjitsu and Forrest to argue with me because I’m a lonely faggot”


lol you forgot to post under your other alt account. busted!


He should have put quotations around his second sentence. Hes saying thats what the name of the thread should have been



Where my boys @JJitsu and @Kirik_Jr lets get this squad started!

Yo cheddar! My main man! You are absolutely right! As strong white men we should stand up for our friends from the east! I for one am pledging rhatbif I see a chinaman being bullied, I will step in and box some ears!


Anybody tries bullying a Chinaman in Indiana they better save up for some cocklear implants!

That first post was the greatest end thread post I’ve ever seen.

Fun Yes GIF by Weihnachten Neu Erleben

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All Asians know kung fu. They dont need help.

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Big cheddar dont let these turds drag you down in the sewer with them! They just hate asians so they want to try to discredit you with fake screenshots!

You’re doing big things here! Keep up the good work!

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Thank you, some times its hard to ignore all the racist trolls on here but I do it so I can keep talking to posters like yourself and theraskal.

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Good Man Big Cheddar! We especially need to show some support for the Sikh Community. There are a lot of UnEducated Whites MAGAtard Types which think Sikhs are the Taliban!

That really grinds my gears when uneducated white maga types think Sikhs are Muslims.

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