What can we do as men?

Men who recognize the patterns and feel the burden of the patriarchal definition of gender roles may seek to be allies in the feminist work of increasing gender equality. Here are some ways to do this:

• Listen to women and youth when they speak about their experiences, and resist the urge to defend male behaviour. If you take the position that ‘men are victims too,’ you are ignoring the fact that, in most cases, men are victims as other men’s behaviour as children, or you are minimizing the severity and frequency of men’s violence against women;

• Challenge and oppose sexist language and behaviour, including jokes. Staying silent or laughing keeps the pattern going;

• Take on an equal portion of domestic work, in your job, social and home life. Women perform the majority of the world's unpaid work, and you are benefitting from this, as is your employer and society as a whole;

• Understand that male privilege is part of daily life and won’t disappear soon. Men are favoured by the system and, to make change, men need to question and challenge this every day.

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