What car will Trust get?

I say he ends up with a Ford Taurus station wagon.

Neon SRT

LOL! This has been dragging on for so long now.....

Man, if you ever get a car, that will kill aout 2/3 of the traffic on this forum. Hopefully the magic search for a car lasts forever, like this buzz I'm having.

Warranties are nice, but not so cool if you have to constantly use them. I'm not saying the SRT-4 is has those problems, there isn't any long term data to show that. But every new car has a 3 year warranty, so quality should be a selling point rather than if they'll pay for it when it breaks.

BTW-Coolest warranty I ever had was from audi. They changed my wiper blades and refilled my washer fluid under warranty. WTF?!

I am gonna go way out on a limb and say a Mazda 6.


i think mazda 6---may not be as fun as the Srt-4 but still performs good has more of a family feel than the srt-4

What happened to the GTO?

I thought you were gonna get a nissan?

my wife's friend just bought a new mazda 6, she's had it in for repairs several times in the first two months she's had it.

The Accord DOES come with a manual in the V6 (at least in the coupe version)

Trust I would go with either the Sentra or the Altima if I were you. However, the Honda Element is a pretty cool little SUV too.

Why not hold off for a bit and see what MazdaSpeed does with both the Mazda 6 and the Mazda 3. You seemed to like both cars and supposedly Mazdaspeed is coming out with a version of each.


I've seen the mazdaspeed miata and it looked very nice.

the miata apparently has 178hp supercharged engine, which is going to be amazing. The miata's are way underrated in the handling dept and an additional 30+horse is a welcome addition.