What cities in the US are safe from the leftist disease?

Serious question. Now I know the STATE of Florida will be the first to pop up, but Florida has a lot of blue. Orlando and the surrounding areas are deep liberal shit holes with dems running the show and Soros backed DAs. I don’t think Tampa or Miami are any better. Does one need to find small towns with limited shopping and dining?



You’re welcome.


As long as everything is for sale this is true. They will buy up whole towns in a few years when they hear about the low crime rate and great scenery.


Yes. Republicans don’t want the headache of running big cities. It’s easier to armchair quarterback and focus on the small towns

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Oh, surely it’s not because of John P. Holdren’s doctrine and the propagandizing of children to believe in a collectivist mindset that coalesces around city centers!!!

It’s because power hungry Republicans don’t want to run them, right???


Salt Lake?


I kinda feel like people that live in great cities not overrun by the scourge of dem policies don’t want to out themselves and ruin a good thing.

That’s going on for sure but with work from home the libs can spread so much easier. It only takes a few of them to start spreading the word.

OP, here ya go. You know what you gotta look for. There are even demographics. Have fun. It has helped me tremendously.


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The safest thing OP is for you and everyone like you to just head as deep into the woods as you can.

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Not too deep, just deep enough where the pizza guy is pissed he has to deliver to your house.

Don’t move to a city. Any city.



It has nothing to do with actual leftist policies. Everybody knows that as soon as a big city is involved a right leaning politician would put forth leftist policies

All big cities are shit.


Then why are big cities the hub of business, art, and culture? There’s a reason why Tesla went to Austin and not Amarillo

Business goes to where the most people are, there’s nothing special about that. Business also goes where large universities are located. Art and culture? Lmao
Big city culture consists of drugs, immigrants, and gays. You may love that, but it’s not for me.


There’s a lot more to it than that. How many museums are in bumfuck Iowa? Red towns are devoid of any culture or art, that’s why every young person that doesn’t get anchored down by a kid or a dead end job can’t wait to leave. People vote for the likes of Mitch McConnell because they don’t know any better, and that’s how the GOP wants to keep it


Comically naive to the point I’d almost believe you’re deliberately trying to look like a typical ignorant city peasant… almost.

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It’s naive to think there’s more to city life than gays and drugs? It’s naive not to