what comic could translate to anim

i would love to see the ultimates done in an anime style movie

That would be the gayest thing ever.

uh no it wouldnt

young avengers would be the gayest thing ever

I'd love to see "The Boys" done like Pumpkin scissors

And you've got to admit Deadpool does remind you of Naruto doesn't he :)

deadpool would rock as an anime

powers would be awesome as a long running show like bleach.

Whitchblade looks good. Who knows, Anime really doesn't have that much plot development.

ok how about a specific storyline

age of apocalypse

Infinity Gauntlet

batman no mans land

"batman no mans land"

Or Millers DKR

id love a ralph bakshi heroes for hire toon, kind of a mish-mash of the exploitation and kung-fu genres. course i guess that wouldnt be anime

The Punisher.

Secret Wars

"Anime really doesn't have that much plot development"

??? What are you talking about?

"deadpool would rock as an anime"


Cable/Deadpool anime for sure.

The Punisher if it wasn't Garth Ennis' Punisher but the original.

The Exiles.

"That would be the gayest thing ever."



Bakashi Heros for Hire would rock