What complements Judo better?

A friend of mine was asking me which art would complement a Judoka better BJJ or Sambo. Being a newbie to Judo and only to have done BJJ for six months and never trained in Sambo. I really couldn't give a educated answer. So I would like to know what does this forum think?

judo is complemented best by..more judo. surprise. :)

I knew I was going to get this answer.

I have never trained in Sambo but have seen a bit of it so what I have to say about Sambo is not from training experience. All three arts have their strengths and weaknesses.

Sambo is the most balanced, and their strengths are takedowns to submissions, getting submissions from odd positions (or from no positional dominance) and lower body submissions. There is a good amount of cross-over with Judo and BJJ.

BJJ is, obviously, a groundfighting art. They are outstanding at teaching positional dominance to submission and the art is a never-ending web of counters and recounters. The art has its roots in Judo newaza but has evolved a great deal since its beginnings. It's a deep, rich, mentally challenging art whose specialty is on the ground and they are superior there.

Judo is the king of the jacketed standing grappling game. Their art is complex and challenging. A Judo blackbelt is someone you don't want to stand up with, because you won't be standing long.

Those things being said, the best art to complement Judo would be the art that fills in its greatest weakness. Just like the best art to complement BJJ would be the one that fills in its greatest weakness. I think someone who is skilled in BJJ and Judo is a devastating grappler. The study of Sambo builds a well-rounded grappler, where the study of Judo and BJJ builds a grappler with, hypothetically, no weak points.

If you have the time, energy and resources, I would study BJJ and Judo, and complement with a bit of Sambo or at least learn all that you can about the lower body submissions that are out there, because many BJJ schools still steer away from them.

new2mma makes good points.


You've covered that nicely. I have nothing else to say regarding what 'compliments judo.' Hmmmm! I do know what compliments pork chops through,........potatoes au gratin. Now that's a quality side.

Sorry Josh, non-Kosher humour. lol

Ah cooking, now that's a place where no one can tap me out!

I tap people out in cooking all the time, especially when they give their back to attend the stove.
Also, I agree with ashy-smashy, potatoes au gratin are certainly a quality side.

Nicely put New2mma

Initially I was going to say boxing...but that was not one of the choices.
You've covered that nicely.
Pork Chops...hmmm...applesauce! And beer!


Yeah Mike, I find chefs in particular, and cooks in general, to be the weakest grapplers of all the apron-wearing professionals.

I remember a conversation (on the mat) with this 280lb greenbelt cook from Louisiana. He was reticent about doing newaza, and tried to strike up a friendly conversation with me (to waste time) about cooking crawdads, or some such crustation. I gave the discussion short shrift, and in seconds, the guy was facedown and tapping. Muttering, the submissive, "trachea choke, TRACH CHOK.....AGGGH!"

Yep! Those were great times.

Incidently, gentlemen, mjmil, is my nephew. He is a bjj guy, and is looking to take up judo in the next year or so. Please treat him with the same hateful brutality that you have shown me.

Here is some cannon fodder. As a kid, he used to absolutely love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Michaelangelo in particular.

You may begin esteem-destroying assault.......NOW! lol

tonyinnewcastle......? Where's my beer?

For good self-defense boxing is a must-have. If you are trained in boxing and Judo you would wipe the floor with 95% of the unarmed people out there, unless they are grossly stronger or somehow more well-conditioned.


I left boxing in 89 for judo. I was sparring once with a lightheavy, and he kept clinching me, and I could do nothing. From a self-defence point of view, it scared me. I started checking out Judo, shortly thereafter. I have since been roaming the streets looking for that lightheavyweight, just hoping that he will clinch me again. I dare him. lol

...having a sharp wit and a beer in one hand.

Hi Josh,

I hope that you and the family had a great, non-high holy season. (that just doesn't sound right).

"...having a sharp wit and a beer in one hand."

That would compliment judo nicely. I know where I can get the beer, and I have two hands...........:(

I would have to agree with "judom"


Judo is complimented by more judo. Learn how to crawl first and then worry about running later.

I agree more Judo is better. I have benn training judo since April. With 2 jobs and some family incidents that popped up I haven't been able to go that often on my best weeks I only get to go twice a week. I have a long way to go before I ever think of trying something else. Like I said before I couldn't give an honest answer to a question I was asked. As for me I have to do what Jacktown Judoka always says "train judo".

you are beginner then. So you must do judo for a number of years more, before worrying about other things. my guess is as you do that, you will find many things in judo you want to improve on, that you will not be thinking of cross-training at all. good luck.