What concerts are you going to soon?

Concert season is in full effect with winter tours making their way through the states. What shows are you seeing in the next couple months?

I'll be checking out Suicide Silence, Within the Ruins and Fit For an Autopsy in two weeks.

Then in May I've got Ensiferum, Korpiklanni, and Trollfest lined up

Mayhemfest in the summer Phone Post 3.0

Sasquatch music festival on Memorial Day weekend. pretty excited for that. gonna bang some Canadians Phone Post 3.0

Electric Wizard/Satans Satyrs in Minneapolis, April. Pretty stoked.

Not so much soon but going to see machine head at the end of June in Perth can't wait don't know how many metal shows were gonna get now that soundwave touring have canned the festival here...fuck soundwave touring Phone Post 3.0

I might go to the suicide silence one Phone Post 3.0

Already have tickets to see Foo Fighters in August. Phone Post 3.0

OMG so much coming up here in Denver

Dave House
gaslight Anthem
Smith Street Band
Queers/Screeching Weasel
Beans on Toast

That's just through April Phone Post 3.0

Northern invasion ,May 9th. Phone Post 3.0

At the gates early August! Phone Post 3.0

April* Phone Post 3.0

Foo Fighters July 4 RFK stadium DC.

+ Buddy Guy, Heart, and Joan Jett!

just saw less than jake, reel big fish and authority zero night before last

Tail Creek music festival in the spring and then Alberta's Own in August. Then AC/DC in September!

Stick to your guns!! Disobedient tour Phone Post 3.0

None. I hate being around people :( Phone Post 3.0

I'll try my damnedest to get acdc tickets this summer Phone Post 3.0

May 23rd. Small Festival in STL called Pointfest. Breaking Benjamin headlining a comeback show. Then Chevelle, The Used, Seether, Greek Fire and Shamans Harvest. Phone Post 3.0

I also might go see some shows during sturgis if anything is really appealing.

RCP - I just bought tickets to Garth Brooks 30 mins ago!!

Feb 28th Phone Post 3.0

I hate most country but I would scream like a little girl at a Garth Brooks concert!

When the Thunder Rolls

Standing Outside the Fire

Friends in Low Places

Callin' Baton Rouge is one of the best covers ever.

I'm jealous.

dunc - just saw less than jake, reel big fish and authority zero night before last

I saw Less Than Jake, Save Ferris, and Reel Big Fish in like 98 it was a fun show.