What concerts this summer?

What do you guys have on your summer concert agenda?

So far I only have three upcoming concerts booked, but I'm sure I'll add some more as time goes on.

  1. Jr. Gong and Stephen Marley at the Phoenix.

  2. Derek Trucks Band at Nathan Phillips Square (Toronto
    Jazz fest). Finally, I get to see this band in person. I have seen him play plenty of times with the Allman Bros, but I really think he might try some interesting stuff at a Jazz fest.

  3. Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood (also Toronto jazz fest). The last time I saw these guys, well just MMW, my girlfriend and were nearly kicked out for public indecency.

What's the story with you and your gf at MMW?

I used to see those guys at tiny venues, before they opened for phish and blew up big; some great shows. Then some crappy ones when the phish-head audience took over (yelled during the quiet parts, etc -- the whole pacing of what they were about just couldn't happen any more). Getting to see them with Sco sounds really good -- I like the first album they did together; haven't heard the more recent.

Oh - concerts this summer... don't really know. I mostly go to local joints, don't have to get tickets far in advance. Mike Keneally Band on Friday in North Hollywood. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum on June 10th in West Hollywood. Beyond that, whatever comes up....

Yeah, MMW can be hit or miss depending on what they are going for. To be honest, I prefer the acoustic jazz of their first album, but it was their pairing with Robert Randolph for The Word that rekindled my interest in them.

The melding into the jam band scene helped them sell a lot of records, but the music has taken a hit at times for sure.

The story about the last show isn't overly classy. My girlfriend was kind of loaded and started grooving into me on the d-floor. Then she unzipped me to give me a little help. I didn't think this was the best spot for it, so he tried to find an out of the way stair well or something but at a concert there is really no way to hide. The woman security guard that found us was adamant about throwing us out, but the male security dude thought it was pretty funny and let us stay.

At least someone's getting some attention. Sounds like a good girlfriend -- not sure why you left the house ;-)

She is a good girlfriend for sure. The funny thing is we so rarely leave the house. It's really only concerts or the odd meal out, for us. Other than that we are pretty much home bodies.

Blue Man Group but only if they are at a huge facility like cirque de solieu or at disney because it's pretty hard for them to duplicate the scope of thier show without a dedicated (or rented) space that can support all facets of the show.

If they come to your town for a single date, avoid it.

If you're at universal orlando or disney and they are there........see them.

Evgeny Kissin on may 7th mmmmm so excited.

I remember him getting a standing ovation at the grammys somewhere in the 90s.

Kissin is bad ass.

I would love to check out this festival..



So far I've only penciled in Rev Horton Heat and Manu Chau. I haven't
checked out the Jazz festival line-up yet though.

I had forgetten about the Sound System show. That should be pretty good.

Which jazz festival, DasBeaver?

I know the "guest of honor" type dude that will have a rotating cast surrounding him in Montreal is going to be Mike Stern.

And Relayer -- let's go! Oh wait, I'm kinda broke. (sighs).

I think he meant the Toronto Jazz Fest. Ali.


thanks for the link. I figured, him not being all secessionist and sh*t. But I only knew about the lineup in Montreal ;-)

edit -- I'd be all over that Trio Beyond show if I were able to get to Toronto for the festival.

damn........I'd drive pretty far to see Mike Stern.

If you're in germany, there is no better than Rock-am-ring.

bb king in may

poison ratt white lion and dokken in july. raise the horns!!!!!!

yo pony..can u elaborate on why I should avoid blue man group??

also..a little birdie told me Bob Seger is going to tour this summer...ya ya..not a world class virtuoso, but it will likely be a great sounding show, without some 16 yr old puking on my shoes

"I remember him getting a standing ovation at the grammys somewhere in the 90s.
Kissin is bad ass."

hell yeah, best living pianist IMO. i seriosuly cant wait, i got tier box seats. bought them almost a year ago.

Jr. Gong tomorrow night!