what constitutes a 10-8 rd?

in boxing winning the round and knocking the opponent down is a 10-8 round?

in the UFC what constitutes a 10-8 rd?

also maybe Dana or someone else connected to the UFC could answer my next question....

Has the UFC ever considered going to .5 rounds.

like scoring a round 10-9.5 or 10-8.5? i think it would be alot more clear in the final scoring of how a fight turned out

like for example take the Tanner Baroni II fight

round one could be 10-9 tanner

round two 10-8.5 tanner

and round three 10-9.5 baroni

so the final scoring would be 29.5 to 27.5 which shows that tanner did alot more than winning a 29-28 match?

ttt for answers

I've talked about this with my friends too. I've actually been using that system to score UFC fights now fo a while.

A 10-8 round means total domination.When you fight in an event like Extreme Challenge Monte Cox will tell you that a knockdown will equal a 10-8 round and if you get knocked down in a round you will pretty much have to submit your opponent in that round because it's going to be pretty hard to overcome a 10-8 round and still win a decision.If you get knocked down twice in a fight you're as good as done

So  knockdown is better than any near submission or slam in every case?

attjack...that's my point...a knock down like st.pierre had in his fight i can see being a 10-8 knockdown....but i could see the cheruto's triangle being scored the same way

I'm not a big fan of the 10 point must system. It was designed for boxing and doesn't translate well to mma. I like the .5 points but they just need to come up with their own system and train their own judges in it. Not sure if that's possible but it would be great.

in the UFc it doesn't matter, just be one of the boys! ZWO!

hey it's minidawg

If people would start finishing fights than the scoring system wouldn't matter

but no matter what decisions are part of the sport and must be handled correctly so the scoring system is as important as striking and submission rules

i consider a very close sub = to a knockdown

I'm telling you catch points like in shooto are the way to go.One knockdown from opponentA and a catch from opponent B equals an even round

I think the scoring system in Nevada is that if you're on top you win. Submission attempts dont count. They may give a 10-8 if the other guy is really bloody or something.

miller i would agree...but at the same time if a guy is completely dominating a fighter and even gets a near submission but gets caught with a good punch and falls down but recovers quickly..should that be an even round? i dont think so i think it should be a 10-9 or in what i said earlier maybe a 10-9.5 round

the other thing we've not brought into the equation is a ground'n pound beat down that seriously hurts but doesn't stop a fighter

ufctrojan...that is all subjective though...

would the first round in Sylvia vs Cabbage be a 10-8 round even though cabbage wasn't knocked down he was completely dominated even moresoe than when somepeople are knocked down!