What constitutes a Workout?

Do you base it on a duration? Say 30 minutes or an hour?, An amount of calories burnt?300? 400? 600? A certain group of excersises? Ex . you lifting routine of scrappers workout? Do you base it on how you feel? And stop when you're exausted?

For me, a workout has a predetermined goal.

How do you measure that goal?

Whenever I sweat and have to change clothes, I have worked out.

When I go to the gym and train that is a work out for me.  I have my schedules to do 3x a week and that is apart of a training schedule for a competition.  End goal to lift more in that comp then I have ever done so.


workout - when I train with the purpose of getting more fit.

Do you set minimums? ex. no less than 30 minutes? 1 hour?

Do you ever think about how many calories you burn?

I'm with toddseney and ChemicalSage, I would add that a workout usually has no productive outcome except your fitness, unless you're doing GPP, like, grab a shovel and start digging a hole for a pool in your backyard.