What defines a UFC "veteran"

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TheDeadlyRhythm - I feel like this term is thrown around way to loosely. They call guys with 3 to 5 fights in the UFC a vet, a true UFC vet would be a guy like Frank Mir. He's been in 23 battles in the UFC since 2001. You don't call a new recruit that's seen action once maybe twice a vet, I feel like guys like Frank are under appreciated for how long they've been around. What are thoughts UG? Who else would you consider a true UFC vet out of the current roster? Phone Post 3.0
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I would say ten if you stay in the promotion. If you get cut you're automatically a UFC vet so that way when you get your ass beat by a good up-and-comer, they have a win over a "UFC vet."

I think for sure you deserve the term after 1 fight in the UFC. There are literally tens of thousands of people fighting MMA that will never make the UFC. One fight and I think you rate it Phone Post 3.0

yep, one fight is all it takes to be considered a UFC vet by any other organization.

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The way the term is used in the MMA space is 1 fight = veteran. I think it is awesome, as guys who get cut can get a bigger payday as promoters can market them as a :UFC veteran."

VU again Phone Post 3.0

1 fight Phone Post 3.0