What determines KO power?

I've noticed that several fighters that are very strong don't seem to have a lot of KO's on their records. Tank Abbot for example. He is known as a powerful puncher, but if you look at his record he only has like 2 KO's. Other guys, especially some of these lightweights seem to be able to KO their opponents without being extremely strong.

So my question is does one fighter have KO power and another doesn't? Is in in the technique? Can it be learned at all or is it something you just have to have? I really have no idea and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Technique and explosiveness. Some people are just gifted with an extrordinary amount of power and seem to knock poeople out without any training.

BUt Koing people boils down to to things, where you hit them and how hard you do it. The two ways to knock someone out are to just hit them hard enough to cause their brain to bounce against the skull, thus shutting it down for a short time, or catching someone on the "sweet Spot" on the chin. This is actually a bundle of nerves that connects to the brain stem that if hit with enough force, with send a sudden and powerful signal to your brain, overloading it and making itself shut off.

so it boils down to either being able to hit that spot, or being able to hit hard enough to rock someones brain against his skull

explosiveness. not a lot of people have that. the least likely they're expected to see the punch coming, the more likely they'll get dropped.

weight x speed

I think accuracy plays a part also. I dont hit that hard but the couple KO's I scored were when I hit my opponent right on the button.

Timing and accuracy.

You can have the strongest punch in the world but it ain't worth shit if you can't get it where you want it when you want it.

people will also pass out due to extreme pain. (ie a perfect body puch/kick)

popa zuda knows! Timing and Accuracy.

Timing is HUGE.


Timing is everything. I have poor timing, hence a not so stellar ko %. :(

Planting of feet, being able to put momentum/weight behind it and timing.

Pop Zuda speaks the gosphel! Timing and accuracy are two things you should develop first. KO power will take care of itself.

If you watch Courtney Burton's KO of Angel Manfredy, you will see short accurate punches bouncing Manfredy's head like a bobble head. Manfredy goes to sleep.

Too many people try killing the pads and then go pounding wieghts because they think it'll make them the next Mike Tyson. Even though Tyson had great power in his hands, early in his career, most of his KO's came from the fact that his timing and accuracy were impeccable. Add to that that most of his opponents enver saw the punches coming (he was a great counter puncher) and you have a spectacular KO record. Tyson started sliding downhill when he became too dependant on one-punch-KO-power.


If anyone could positively answer this question, they would be the most popular trainer in boxing. Speed, placement, timing, power, all play a part.

I personally believe you are born a puncher. You can refine and improve upon the delivery methods, but you either CAN punch hard or you CANNOT.

You all know someone with no training whatsoever who hurt you every time they hit you, even when they were just playing around. Born puncher.

if i was going to name only one thing it would be footwork.


Hip movement and timing are the big keys to the KO.Look at the guys move and you will see that the hips are the biggest part of the KO.

Punch his jaw, he will go out.

...the strength of the chin the power is applied to IMHO.

build your forearms, triceps, back leg and hip motion.

Penis size.

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