What did Anderson give him?

After Anderson tooled Lee Murray for three rounds and made him look like a jackass, what did he give him at the end of the fight?

6:48 in video

Murray got a pair of shorts with the brazilian flag on it before the fight. And he tore the flag off the shorts

Silva gave it back to him after the fight

 Cool, thanks


Murray was not fighting back at all... he barely threw any punches... Weird. I guess even back in the day Silva was intimidating?

lol what a douchebag, Murray threw it back at him, then one of the guys from his posse picked it up and went over to Anderson and threw it at him.

LMAO silva would slaughter everybody from that camp

Lee Murray will never fight in any meaningful fight again, he is finished.

So did Daiju Takase and Ryo Chonan.. Your point?

the commentating of that fight is criminal I get Murray is the hometown boy but fuck. The instant replays are ridiculous

mkou - So did Daiju Takase and Ryo Chonan.. Your point?

 Vulnerable to Jyptonite?

Lee and his camp = bunch of pricks that couldn't deal with their boy getting his ass handed to him. Where did they get those commentators? Terrible, just terrible. "He took his legs." Yea, we got it, ok.

EnderinAK - 
Truemanc3 - Lee Murray will never fight in any meaningful fight again, he is finished.

Actually Lee just signed a 3 fight deal with the UFC, he is going to fight in London on the UFC 108 Card, tentatively called: World's Dumbest Criminals
Wow..EnderinAK, that was ultra lame if that was an attempt to make a joke. I'm just sayin.


 Ha my claim to fame.  I lost a decision to Takase and he subbed Anderson pretty quick I think haha yay

The scary part about Anderson is that he has improved a whole lot since this fight.

i LOVE how the replays try to show Murray's highlights and failed..Anderson kicks him in the head and falls and they show it..Murray rushes him and gets his head down on a bob-and-weave and lands one knee and they show it..lol great stuff. I always liked watching Murray though, too bad

The Silva of today would squash the Silva in that video inside of 2 rounds tops. Stop over inflating Murray's success as a mixed martial artist.

silva has got to be the most improved fighter of the past 3-4 years. he went from virtual unknown to UFC champ and P4P fighter in just a few fights. and he keeps getting better and better with each fight. the silva of today would destroy the silva of 3-4 years ago

Murray is a JOKE, he should go back to KO'ing drunk MMA legends and then bragging about it.
I hope they release him from jail AGAIN, then re-incarcerate him within 24 hours just to break his spirits AGAIN.

Heartbroken Lee -  Murray did better against Silva than the following fighters:

Dan Henderson
Nate Marquardt
Rich Franklin
Travis Lutter
Chris Leben
Pat Cote
Thales Leites
and Forrest Griffin.

Yup. Getting "tooled for three rounds" is better than these guys getting shitstomped for a minute or two. Lee Murray was bona fide.