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What did Fury whisper to Thor?

Has it been revealed, yet?

Unlimited is half a year behind.

Say what you will about the female Thor, but the story has been amazing and well done and barely even focusing on her. The entire saga from the god butcher all the way through to the new title.

Ps. Superman vs double mjolnir Thor with the All-Black. Who wins?

Cyclops was right Phone Post 3.0

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don't think its been revealed yet. Still not going back to the title till the real Thor is back. And that is because they insist that blondie now gets to be Thor instead of her just taking on a new name. Shit Storm once held that hammer, same w Beta Ray Bill and others but they never took on the name of Thor. But instead for feminist purposes it is done so F that garbage (esp as Thor is his name and not some damn title to be given to anyone).