What did new fans think of UFC53??

Edit: oops my mistake, meant UFC 52 ofcourse...

What do u guys think the new fans brought in from TUF though of UFC:53. Now lets not all be snobby and act like we don't need them. Anyway, I think it was a pretty damn good UFC. Had lots of ground fighting but not much stalling. Only thing that could have been better was if Randy/Lidell had lasted longer... but I still think it went very well overall. Definately not a repeat of UFC 33. I think once again the planets are lined up for Zuffa and the UFC.. great week for North American MMA!!!

Damn, thought this thread would do better.

I'm not new, but is till have to say, i've seen better, but it wasnt horrible. It was OK.

I though it was much better than OK...great event.

Final fight was no classic but overall event ruled.

Hughes and Lindland both had me yelling...that never used to happen. Great night.

I thought it was really good.

I think they made a mistake putting Lindland/Lutter on the main card. But that's just me.

I think Riggs/Ivan made more sense but at least we got to see that too.

i think new fans were stoked on 52

Why do u think they thought it sucked xshanex??? Lindland/Lutter was pretty boring, but other than that it was good. The TUF ratings stayed up even after the horrible Koscheck/Leben fight... which was MUCH more boring than any fights last night, so I don't see why they would think it sucked.

I thought it was really good and it restored my faith in the UFC and Zuffa's direction for it (I have be disenchanted of late because of some poor shows and match ups!) I would still like to see them move towards a Shooto style hierarchy and ranking.

Otherwise, it was great.



  1. there are no new fans
  2. None of the new fans saw the PPV
  3. None of the new fans post here yet.