What did people feed babies before formula?

There are probably even bigger problems with formula that are suppressed so as not to offend women than can’t breastfeed and make them feel lesser.

It’s like the ending to The Grapes of Wrath.

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Before baby formula a lot of babies were raised on condensed milk. My wife was.

Back in 1950, I was fed a mixture of evaporated milk, dark karo syrup and boiled water. That was pretty standard if Mom’s did not breast feed. Plus, I was very premature for back then with low birth weight and was in the hospital incubator for some time and that was what they started me on in the hospital. Very few children of my birth weight survived back then.

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Thats right, I think I mixed up condensed and evaporated milk, both come in similar cans.

My first 3 kids were raised on formula, last 3 on breast milk. Last 3 are skinnier. My last kid was a micro-preemie, 1lb 3 oz, and he got breast milk from a bunch of different donors while in the incubator for 3 months.

I had almost the same exact situation. Wasn’t premature, but my mother’s water broke and the doctor said it was just normal leakage. Basically spent almost a week without any amniotic fluid in the sack so naturally I was born completely purple from all the bruising due to bouncing around inside her. Incubated for about 6 weeks, and they had my mother pump for me to feed on, but couldn’t tolerate any formula whatsoever.

Mom took off a few days after I came home and left me with my Grandmother, who already knew about the evaporated milk, karo thing, so that’s what I had.

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