What did the 49ers get 4 the 16th

I missed it, what did they get from Phily for the trade up?

The Eagles 28th pick and the eagles 58th pick in round 2.

After Reggie Williams, Lee Evans, And Micheal Clayton were selected before the 16th pick, this trade made sense....The 49ers probably will take Rashaun Woods with the 28th pick.

Thanks I figured that but wasn't sure if they had an extra 2nd round pick for the T.O. thingy.

Unforunately the only thing they got For T.O. was Brandon Whiting, but in all reality they were lucky too get him

good call shadetree---they even moved down again and got him.

Thanks...The 49ers say woods was the guy they wanted, im not buying that though..I think they believed Clayton or Lee Evans would be avaiable..2nd round I am happy with OG Justin Smiley, but CB Shawntae Spencer Im not so sure about.

And they took Wr Derrick Hamilton in the 3rd round, seems like a good pick.