what did the the Cannon do??

From ADCC:

Shannon The Cannon Ritch is on a 30-day suspension by KOTC for his KO loss in Hitman last weekend. Matchmaker Chris Cordeiro made the call to Ritch Wednesday afternoon informing him of the suspension. Not all is lost, however, as The Cannon is taking aim in a new direction: color commentary. Ritch accepted the position of commentator for the KOTC PPV.

Whether or not the decision to suspend Ritch was influenced by the Nevada State Athletic Commission is unknown, but it is possible to conclude the argument if youre going to bring your operation here, you have to keep it clean elsewhere. What is clear is that the right decision for the sport of MMA was made by the promoter.


He got KO'ed hard about a week ago at another show...

Medically speaking, he can't fight (Although he wanted to)


I still can't beleive he tried to lie about being KO'ed a week ago, after already admitting that he had been a couple days earlier. I'm glad they aren't letting the guy fight.