What did the UFC see in BJ Penn

How did BJ get his first fight in the UFC? Did they see something in
him...(i.e. certain characteristics) What was it? Did he have some type
of connection with somebody? And is he the only UFC fighter to step
in to the octagon without a mma record? I think he only had one fight
before the UFC. I think he was a blue belt or purple at the time.

Was this the first time they did this? Thinking people would want to
see a bjj world champion

im pretty sure frank shamrock is responsible for getting bj into the ufc.

Penn was 1-0 when he went to the UFC

bj got his black belt in bjj faster than anyone in the usa...
became the only non-brazilian ever to win the black belt division of the mundials...
stuff like that...

John Lewis was a huge reason and BJ made it to Black Belt and won the worlds in like 3 years 10 months.

I don't root for BJ, however, there is no question that he is an amazing talent. The UFC seen a submission wizard and thought he would be the next big star.


BJ also had that tremendous noggin'.

That's always a sure sign of a tough fighter in men and tomcats.

They knew it would be an easy fight for Jens.

Frank Shamrock. Serra got in because of Renzo. It helps to be associated with a major camp or known fighter.

I think Matt Serra had a few fights under his belt before the UFC, unlike
BJ who had 1.

did you guys liv ein a shoe box or what?? you dont think the guy was training in vegas breaking people off in the gym before he fought in ufc?? mabye word got around about him like some other killers ala dave terrel.. I know that since jiujitsu plays no part in teh world of MMA :) some of you may not realise for some reason a lot of fighter train jiujitsu with these top guys for thier ground games..

LOL @ "Big Noggin'"

Terrell has way more fights than BJ before he fought in the UFC. I dont
know his record, but its gotta be at least 10 more than BJ. Did BJ just
build a big enough name for himself to allow him to step right in.

Open Guard

"I always wondered if he ever went back to fight that guy who choked him out in training, after Penn turned to leave, coz the guy said he was done."

Sorry I don't understand.Please elaborate.....

Yes, please elaborate.

Cheek capacity.