What did we learn tonight?

both hatton and penn beat guys at the end of their careers looking to make some $.

Not discounting either bouts but this was not the type of comp they are going to face in months ahead.

we also learned how pulver's nuthuggers down play BJ's domination...by saying Pulver ain't shit...

don't forget to add Kimbo to that list.

well, i think he'll face the same type of competition in the months ahead. but for the first sentence, it's dead on.

Although I could point out alot of shit I don't like about the UFC.....tonight reminded me of how much they have pushed the sport. Free BJ versus Pulver was the shit!

You think BJ will beat Hughes in a 3rd fight? His cardio was awesome tonight. Hughes out powered him last time but that was after his gas tank was on empty.