What Division Should I Compete In?

I plan on entering my first no-gi competition this year. I was in one 2-man division (old men) in Grapplers Quest a few years ago and won. I am a brown belt in judo but have little BJJ experience, but I did Sumo at a pretty high level for 10 years.

I am 43, 6-0 and 295 lbs, not particularly in good shape (although I will be when I compete).

What division should I compete in? (not counting masters, I already will be in that)

Well how about you assess your weight division possibilities as you continue to train? You noted "I will be (in shape) when Im going to fight".

Well adjust your goals accordingly when you start reaching your fighting fitness. I don't suggest you can pull a JOE RIGGS and totally shed 130+ lbs.

I'd say, ask your training partners, your mentors around the training center, and take it in stride.
Keep us posted on how you are doing!
Best of luck, champ!

I know I'll definitely be in the hwt division....i do not expect to lose very much weight. Thing is, the only training I do is Judo, although I may add BJJ soon. Nobody I work out with has competed No-Gi.

I meant should I be novice, beginner, intermediate or advanced?

I can see arguments for all of them except novice, and I really do not believe I am advanced. So I guess the choice is beginner or intermediate?



roll with a bjj guy and ask him where he thinks you are at.

cool. gotta find one of those.

Well if you are a Judo guy, it would seem to make the most sense to stay in the Gi division. Learning Bjj with a Gi will greatly improve your game with no-gi. And already being a brown belt in judo, you should have little problems in a Intermediate BJJ tournament.

Right, I defintely want to emphasize the Gi division, but I want to try No Gi sometime too. I already know where to compete in the Gi, since it's by belt and I am a white belt in BJJ.

"And already being a brown belt in judo, you should have little problems in a Intermediate BJJ tournament."

I dunno....I happen to have been lucky enough to have had some great newaza senseis, but many browns in judo have no idea what to do on the ground. It depends on how you've learned. When I go to occasional BJJ class I seem to be a pretty solid white belt who can sometimes tap blues. But that's about it.