what do the red /green arrows by our names mean

How many times we have been voted up or down?

Damn.People don't like me.





keep your heads up guys..

LMFAO.. OP you've been getting your ass kicked round here haven't you? -38? WTF!?!

lol i like this feature

 the sum total of your votes up and down

I no can see. I assume negative. Phone Post

 Uh oh

 Buchu, you have:

From: UGCTT_buchu8oolong The total sum of your votes up and votes down

Really?I have been voted down 2X for no reason since I posted this?


voorhees, I like you

don't let it bother you, just keep being you :)

I've actually enjoyed many of your posts throughout the years. Although this feature can weed out some trolls, it sucks for serious posters who aren't afraid to speak there minds.

Personally I don't like this feature because a lot of folk don't like reality and will cry and hit voted down when they are faced with truths they can't handle.

 Oh no, am I cool to people who don't even know me? Please let it be so!

wank wank

haha thats awesome ive always wondered

Can someone tell me what I am? I assume I'm unnoticed and completely zero or slightly negative Phone Post

 I can't locate a narlypersion post or thread, which in itself is unbelievable that he isn't calling someone a loser or attention seeking.  I just wanted to see what the trolls score was.