What do you believe.....

god to be?

I really believe that there is some entitiy that oversee's us all. Whether it be a 'god', 'spirit' or whatever you want to believe it to be.


Say there is someone (me) who believes in such a thing, but does not believe in the whole 'christian' thing? (no insult intended)

Do you think that person is outside the grace of god? (whatever your belief of 'god' is)

"Do you think that person is outside the grace of god? (whatever your belief of 'god' is)"

depends on your interpretation of the Bible (or the Koran, or the Upinishads, etc.)

If you ask me, I believe that all will see heaven.

"Say there is someone (me) who believes in such a thing, but does not believe in the whole 'christian' thing? (no insult intended)

Do you think that person is outside the grace of god? (whatever your belief of 'god' is)"

Yuki, this is very hard and painful for me to say, because you are a great friend.{I truly mean that} You have heard the gospel and apparently have rejected it. Unlike those who have never heard the gospel. All I can do is quote Jesus: "No one comes to the father but through me." But there is always hope, and God's grace is there waiting for you, if you would only accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. I pray for you buddy.

yours in Christ



I believe God loves people more than I do, and he will not allow his children to slip through His hand.

I also believe that Jesus is the way to the Father. Even Gandhi, one of my hero's, recognized Jesus unique message, and followed Him and His message better than most Christians I have met. I would think the study of His life would be of a supreme interest to any who was spiritually minded, like yourself.

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John you have mail

There can be only one...Yuki...you're done buddy...see you in hell

heh.... you won't see me in hell pal, cuz you'll be there all alone after my steel severs that ugly mug of yours. :-)


back atcha bro. Your a good friend as well. I'll be calling you soon.


Outside the bible, what other reading would you suggest?

well the bible is a great place to start, read the gospels.

I never read it but I heard many good things about The Jesus I Never Knew, by Phillip Yancey

I can't think of anything else right now, but give me a while and I'll get back to you. Or you could just ask me questions, I know everything there is to know about Jesus. I know way more than Sherm, he is a butt faced wrestler.

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the Unity that is all.

Mere Christianity-CS Lewis

The Case For Christ, Faith, Creator- by Lee Strobel

Jesus Amongst Other Gods-Ravi Zacharias

Rev's recommendation of Yancey is an excellent choice.

Ann Lamont's books are good, though she's mainly a fiction writer, and a universalist.

and John, is right, he probably does know more then me..he's a very pretty pretty man.

God is the ultimate source of everything in our universe. Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, it all has its source in the Almighty creator.

I believe what is important is how you live your life. So people see God, Holy Spirit, Buddha-whomever in you - then everything flows naturally from that.

  1. What is God?

"God is the Supreme Intelligence-First Cause of all things."

The Spirit´s Book, by Allan Kardec.

  1. Is God a being distinct from the universe, or is He, according to the opinion of some, the result of all the forces and intelligences of the universe?

"If the latter were the case, God would not be God, for He would be effect and not cause; He
cannot be both cause and effect."

“God exists. You cannot doubt His existence, and that is one essential point. Do not seek to
go beyond it; do not lose yourselves in a labyrinth which, for you, is without an issue Such
inquiries would not make you better; they would rather tend to add to your pride, by causing
you to imagine that you knew something, while, in reality, you would know nothing. Put
aside systems. You have things enough to think about that concern you much more nearly,
beginning with yourselves. Study your own imperfections, that you may get rid of them; this
will be far more useful to you than the vain attempt to penetrate the impenetrable."

"Well isn;t that comforting, funny thing is i don't remember it being that clear, its always simply interpretaed that way."

Jesus spoke about Hell more then he spoke about Heaven.This may sound odd, but I sort of agree with Bludhall, to a point. I do believe in Hell. I do not think it is a place of fire and torture...the Bible uses the word torment, not torture..there's a difference. I believe what Chesterton believed the Hell is a place without the light of God in it. Total chaos and anarchy{not the type of anarchy the rev believes in}

yours in Christ


Bludhall, where did He say that? (I honestly don't know) Can you give me some verses?


read the last line of his post you dolt

it was pat benetar

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LOL...dolt is very accurate.  Sorry, that's what happens when you try to multi-task...

interesting replys here


I don't know you as I'm probably one of the newest members on the board. But I think that your question is an honest and heartfelt one and is definitely something I asked myself many times in the past.

If you've already examined and rejected the 'Christian' thing, why would you still be enquiring about the grace of God? Sometimes there's a stirring and longing in your soul that refuses to be stilled unless...well, you know my answer to that one!

This image comes to mind. Someone is in an infinitely beautiful meadow and Jesus is saying; "Come over here" but he's looking over the fence at a parched scraggly lawn with crab grass and weeds sighing with longing.That's okay for those who have never seen God's meadow but I think you already have.

Sorry if I've made a few assumptions about you I shouldn't have. In my introduction, I wrote that I'm a Philip Yancey fan so reverend john's suggestion is right on the money. Also "Desiring God" by John Piper is very good as well.

God bless

I believe God to be love.  Infinite love.

I do not think that you are outside of his grace.