What do you do if...

In everyones opinion, what would you do, if (assuming that you know how to fight well) , and someone you know says something along the lines of "yeah, that guy would F you up, bla bla bla" and keeps going on about how certain people would totally whoop your ass for sure and the person has no idea what you've been training in/or know.

What would you say?


Invite them to a training/rolling/sparring session........ just for fun of course, heh heh

I'm not a great fighter by any means, but in that situation (as in other similar ones I've encountered) I'd shrug my shoulders and say "Good for him". I don't advertise the fact that I train, so it wouldn't be worth the "What if" conversation to explain things. If neither one knows that I train, then they're important enough for me to get into it with them...

Jason, sorry if I led you to think I was referring to myself, I was actually asking the question in a hypothetical form, people I know complain to me quite often about this type of situation, in an almost angry way.

The other day, my younger brother came up to me in an almost angry way saying that someone at his school keeps saying he knows people that can beat him up, and what not, and this type of thing really gets to him, because my brother was the type of personality that he is invincible and unstopable and it gets the best of himn when someone even comes up to him and says "I could whoop your ass"

I didn't really have an answer for him, so I was asking for advice, not only in this situation, but a few other people seem to have this problem too.

Train hard enough that there is no doubt. Fight in some actual sanctioned shows. When people see you taking on other real live trained fighters, they tend to shut up.

Just because you train, doesnt mean you cannot be beat by someone who doesnt. So Joey Crawford is correct in a way to train hard enough so the chances of you or your brother to lose against someone who doesnt train will be slim. If the guy is big enough and athletic enough, he may just be able to KO someone with no training, so dont count them out.

"The only sure thing about fighting is that there is no such thing in fighting except that either person involved can be seriously injured for life."

I think that about covers it. If someone "would beat me for sure" then at least I know that I know more about it than he does.

If I would bring someone like that to my gym, then it would just be for one time, and to communicate (through the training session) how fighting can cost you an eye in an instant. I don't want brawlers in my gym.

But if someone for no reason bring this danger to me just to prove some lame point, then I wont hold back. Not hold back physically on the guy who came to fight me, nor verbally on the f**king antagonizer.